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Renergetica has sold the authorization for a PV plant for a total power of 5,45 MWp in the United St

The partnership with a local company has contributed to the authorization for the construction of the first 5,45 MWp PV in the USA for a total value of 1.008.250 $ Genoa, 14 February 2018

Renergetica, a smart energy company specializing in the development of renewable energy projects and solutions for integration and control of hybrid grids, makes known that it has sold the permit to build and manage a PV plant with an overall rated power of 5,45 MWp in North Carolina - USA. The PV plants will cover a total area of about 7 hectares with an estimated annual output of 8,29 GWh, that will be able to satisfy the energy needs of over 770 families. The total value of the transaction was $ 1.008.250, extremely profitable considering that it is equal to 185.000 $/MW.

Stefano Giuffredi – CEO of Renergetica USA Corp. has commented: “The sale of this first plant made us understand that today we are in the right place at the right time. The value of the sale makes us even more determined to pursue our business in this country. The market is receptive, immense and offers multiple possibility of intervention, both for the installation of hybrid system in isolated areas (a field in which Renergetica is investing through HGSC control system), and for the distributed generation through of small/medium size plants (from 2 to 5 MWp), and for the development of big size plants (around 50 MW) where the utilities are the main interlocutors. Our intention is to best exploit the different market segments, optimizing our business line to speed up the investment return in a business that notoriously requests some years of investment.

Renergetica, through its subsidiary Renergetica USA Corp., has decided to invest in this market in strong growth using the legislation in favour of energy producers from renewable energy. These regulations allow an interesting profit of the plants guaranteed by a country whose economy is recognized as the most solid in the world.

Particularly, Renergetica intends to invest in Michigan, Florida, New Jersey and California, where the ratio between the solar irradiation and the electric energy price is optimal.

In these years Renergetica has established a strong network of contacts and has found many partners both from a technical-commercial and financial point of view in United States. In this way, Renergetica will develop about 200 MW in the pipeline in the next years.

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