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Renergetica: agreement with Japanese multinational corporation NGK Insulator for supply of hybrid so

Renergetica, smart energy company specialized in the development of solutions for the integration and control of hybrid grids, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with NGK Insulator LTD. It is a Japanese multinational corporation quoted on the Tokyo and Nagoya stock exchanges, specialized in the production of ceramic components for the power and automotive field, and world leader in the supply of energy storage systems, with batteries based on Sodium Sulfide technology, marketed under the NAS® brand.

NGK, founded in 1919 and with a consolidated turnover of more than EUR 3,5 billion in 2016, has over twenty-years experience in the field of batteries with NaS technology in high power applications and in utility services. Furthermore it has a track record of over 200 projects, realized all over the world and it has totaled more than 3,700 MWh of installed capacity. Nowadays it is a leader in providing storage systems for applications related to the management of electricity transmission grids and energy distribution.

The aim of the strategic partnership is to seize the extraordinary opportunities of the emerging market in hybrid generation systems (Hybrid Power Systems), combining the innovation and the dynamism that characterize Renergetica’s Smart Hybrid Energy Solutions (SHES) proposal with the internationally recognized quality of NGK’s NAS® product.

The agreement, in place until December 2018, was finalized with the acquisition of contracts for the supply of turnkeys and the realization, of Battery Energy Storage Systems in both grid-connected and off-grid hybrid systems. Renergetica will be responsible for all complementary activities for the supply of NGY’s BESS, including engineering, procurement and construction on site, in addition to the supply of its SHES, the component that characterizes the performance of system.

With the vast experience and solid market position of NGK as a global supplier of storage systems, and the specific know-how of Renergetica in renewable energy and hybrid systems, the partnership is oriented particularly to the following market sectors on a worldwide scale:

  • Off-grid electricity systems: small islands, remote industrial sites, mines, isolated communities, resort and touristic villages, are just a few examples of large consumers of energy which is generated locally, at a very high cost.

In these cases the SHES offer, would allow the down of cost of energy to be significantly reduced and so open numerous business opportunities.

  • Energy Storage in support of smartgrid 2.0: the integration of renewables and distributed generation into an electricity system in which fossil fuels become “alternative” (e.g.: virtual power plants, demand response, etc.). A sector in which to develop new applications for new Smart Hybrid Energy Solutions.

Davide Sommariva, Deputy President of Renergetica: “We are delighted that NGK has chosen to take advantage of our partnership and our solutions in order to attack the hybrid grids market. This new agreement, in addition to rewarding our R&D team allows Renergetica to reach a global audience, beyond the borders of the countries in which our company is currently present and operating (Chile, USA). 2017 has started with excellent prospects, an agreement in progress for a hybrid project of over 1 MW in the Caribbean Islands and a growing request for smart hybrid solutions. That will take us, by the end of next March, to the conclusion of a series of selected meetings with potential customers in sub Saharan Africa.”

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