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Renergetica is an engineering company specialized in the development of renewable energy projects worldwide; and the design of hybrid power generation systems and control logics for the integration of renewable energy sources into hybrid applications with conventional generators and/or battery systems. The company has excellent knowledge in the realization of big wind and solar farms in many countries, and collaborates with investors interested in financing renewable energy projects.

Renergetica implements its proprietary solution for hybrid grid control and optimization, named Hybrid Grid Smart Controller (HGSC) in projects around the globe acting as developer, owner engineer, engineering partner for the general contractor, supplier of control software and equipment, depending on specific project implementation scheme.

Renergetica is made up of a team with different know-how and experiences, passionate about renewable energy. Thanks to our strong financial, engineering, industrial skills, we are able to meet market demands and to manage critical conditions and challenging regulations, seizing new exciting opportunities for our customers.

Market analysis & feasibility

Project feasibility


Project sale

Feasibility studies

Due diligence


Project management

Plant control and monitoring

Maintenance supervision

Commercial and insurance management

Budgeting and reporting



Renergetica manages the development process of renewable projects

from feasibility study to project authorization in order to offer ready to build renewable energy plants.

Market analysis & feasibility

Legislation monitoring and energy market analysis 
Connection scouting for available electrical capacity 
Interconnection analysis and application

PROJECT feasibility

Site investigation and land contract negotiation
Site survey for land verification and site connection analysis
Feasibility study for yield assessment and preliminary PV layout


Land use agreement
PV layout and technical specification definition for the authorization process
Project management for the developing process towards the ready to build status
Connection process management towards the grid connection contract

Project sale

Drawing-up, checking and validating of the framework agreement
Data room preparation for legal and technical due diligence
Due diligence follow up for the different requests for clarification
Selling contract to the final investor


Combiner Boxes


Point of common coupling


Inverters and step-up transformer


Photovoltaic Moduls

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