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Going Hybrid is convenient,

if you know how to do it!

Our team started setting standards in this field back in the nineties within international research programs and pioneering projects, long before renewables became sustainable in economic terms. Our design considers either conventional or renewable sources as parts of a single system with shared goals. The holistic approach is the only one that actually works on these projects. Renergetica encompasses experience on conventional generators, renewable sources and automation fields. A strong relationship with storage system manufactures helped us to gain technical skills also on innovative battery technologies and their specific characteristics.

Reliable renewables


Our innovative technology – HGSC – supports a wide range of Smart Hybrid Energy Solutions, encompassing Renergetica’s smart, easy and costeffective platform for renewables and storage integration in existing and forthcoming microgrids with load demand from hundreds of kWs to several MWs.

HGSC has been conceived as a totally add-on, non-invasive solution with no direct control over conventional generators, so that it really provides the plug-in solution to add low-cost renewable energy without compromises on power quality and reliability.

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UTILITY  SCALE | PLUG-IN | Customizable

Advanced energy management | Standard components

suitable applications
Pursuing innovation


SHES – Smart Hybrid Energy Solutions – provide Renergetica’s easiest and most cost-effective solutions for renewables and storage integration into existing and forthcoming microgrids with load demand starting from few hundreds kWs to several MWs. SHES rely on our innovative control solution: the Hybrid Grid Smart Controller (HGSC), specifically designed for the hybridization of conventional power systems.

SHES also include pioneering features, enabling advanced renewables dispatching and planning and further innovative grid services and enable energy generation costs up to 70% cheaper than current energy costsfor a wide range of applications, such as remote industrial sites, small islands, off-grid resorts and rural villages.

There is no single solution to previous different needs and therefore any case must be specifically customized. Finding the most cost-effective and balanced solutions on the market is our job! We ensure a highly specialized, holistic approach to pursue your target.

HGSc demonstrator

How will the new hybrid solution behave against sun or wind power intermittency?

Renergetica developed a HGSC demonstrator composed by a special purpose, state of the art field simulator, linked to our control solution. The demonstrator has been set in a compact and portable arrangement.

Thanks to our simulation tool, we can study different system configurations to assess the impact of renewables on grid stability, customize the provided solution, and test the HGSC behavior in several critical situations.

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HGSC Overview
Plug-in control solution
HGSC functionalities, advantages and innovative features
powering the future
commercial reflect
reducing AiSC of a mine
Case Study on benefits of HGSC applied to a mining application in Mali

Info and White Paper

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